small magic somatics - Movement is our first language.

What is Somatics?

Somatics is the embodied study of our own anatomy, physiology, movement, emotions, and relationships.

May we practice community engagement and social solidarity. May we turn to the body to build the essential skills of gentleness, deep listening, keen observation, and integrated, sustainable change.

We can practice the skills that our communities need inside our own bodies so that we can move forward with integrated, decisive action. 

Public and individual classes, grounded in functional movement, breathwork, and community.

Movement increases productivity and creativity. Serve your employees, serve your bottom line.

Deepen your study. Engage in the community. Learn through doing. Place-based and virtual offerings. 

Movement is the language that you share with your baby. Move with power, birth with power.

Postpartum is sacred integration. Heal your body. Connect with sisters. Babes welcomes.


Sutra and Wisdom Text study. Insight Dialogue. Anti-Oppression community work.

Place-based and virtual offerings are available for all services.