resources and support during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum healing

My heart-centered goal is to walk with birthing people, serving them and supporting them. We birth how we live. We live by our values and we birth by our values. I respect the intimacy of pregnancy and birth and can best support you with integrity when we share common values.


What is a birth attendant?

Historically, birthing people did not need to take classes about childbirth nor pay a relative stranger to attend their birth in an effort to receive safe, supportive care. Our society has changed. Culturally, we have forgotten how to birth and how to support birthing people. However, our bodies have not forgotten. As a birth attendant, through education and support, I encourage people to develop deeper relationships with their bodies and their innate wisdom. I view much of my work as a modern birth attendant as work of harm-reduction, not work of lasting solutions. I hope to see the day this work has become obsolete, and in its place are wise people sharing their experience, only when and where it’s needed. I’m humbly walking towards becoming one of those wise people.

I advocate for an intersectional feminist approach to the health of all birthing people.

Why, culturally, are many of us taught to fear (or at least be nervous about) childbirth?

  • Many of us have never seen a birth.
  • Our sex education is limited.
  • Birth on TV looks scary.
  • Our traditional childbirth education classes are limited in scope.
  • Most OB appointments only last ten minutes, often limiting our ability to ask questions.
  • Our healthcare system is challenging to navigate, and typically favors certain types of bodies (i.e. thin, white, males).

...and pregnancy and birth are challenging, even without all that extra stuff.

For these reasons and many others, birth care can be deeply supportive. As your birth attendant, I walk with you, support you, and believe in you, during your childbearing year.

I provide:

  • Personalized, in-home, childbirth education - help you plan and prepare for the birth that you want, answer lots of your birth questions or help you find the answers
  • One or two prenatal visits (approximately 4 hours in total), and 1-2 postpartum visits, depending on your needs (within the first 3 weeks postpartum)
  • Intelligent bodywork to help soothe your pregnant body
  • 24/7 call/text support - for both the birthing person and a support person, if applicable
  • On-call status from 38 - 42 weeks gestation (and I’ll do my very best to be there if your child’s birth is outside of this time frame!)
  • Continuous labor support - at home and/or in your birthing location, including informational support, advocacy, snacks, hip squeezes, creative comfort measures, and rad playlists….
  • Emotional support during pregnancy, labor, and initial postpartum - reassurance, encouragement, and praise
  • Advocacy - supporting the birthing person in their right to make choices about their own body and their own baby

Packages from: $1400

I believe:

  • 1 Birthing people benefit from clear and inclusive education
  • 2 Birthing people benefit from personalized and loving support
  • 3 When birthing people are educated and supported, our entire community benefits

The research:

Continuous labor support improves birth and postpartum outcomes by:

  • Lowering the risk cesarean birth rate by up to 39%
  • Lowering the risk of dissatisfaction with the childbirth experience
  • Decreasing the risk of low Apgar scores for newborns

To read more about the effects of doula / continuous labor support, please refer to a recent meta-analysis study published by the Cochrane Institute for Medical Research in 2017. The study analyzes and draws conclusions from the results of 26 randomized, controlled trials about the efficacy of continuous labor support.

> Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth (Study and Abstract)

> Using a Doula For Pain Relief (Summary of Study)



Birth support and education are a right and not a privilege. small magic birth is dedicated to helping all people achieve better birth outcomes.
If birth support is cost-prohibitive, please reach out and we will work together to find a solution.
If you have a queer or GNC family, I welcome you.
If you are a POC unsure about hiring a white doula or birth attendant, that makes sense and I’m happy to talk this through with you.

If you decide that your needs would be better served by another doula, POC or otherwise, I can happily refer you to some amazing people in our community.