Placenta Preparation

Placenta preparation is the process of lovingly preparing your placenta for safe postpartum use. These preparations can take many forms including immediate consumption, ceremonial burial or disposal, keepsake making, processing for use in balms or tinctures or encapsulation (dehydration and processing into capsule form).

  • What?! Why would I do that?
  • Is it helpful? Safe?
  • What are the logistics?

I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS where we chat and explore various options for utilizing and/or memorializing your placenta! You can do it yourself, at home, without hiring anyone. I believe we should all have access to this simple information.

placenta preparation

Placentas are magical. Womxn have been honoring them for a long time. Preparations including ritual burials, art, ceremonies, tincture making, salve preparation, immediate ingestion (first 12 hours postpartum)or encapsulation. These practices are simple and easy to do at home.

I can share information, resources, and open conversation about the magic of the placenta, helping you clarify what sounds appealing to you!

Our talk can include:

  • How to incorporate placenta preparation safely into your birth plan (how to ensure sanitary handling of your placenta, how to keep your placenta in your possession, transportation from birthing location, refrigeration, etc.)
  • Support in immediate consumption - either with recipes and suggestions, or with preparation if I am present at your home birth
  • In-home postpartum preparation - how to prepare your placenta into a tincture, slave, and/or art or keepsake in the comfort of your home
  • Ideas for a ceremony or ritual disposal

Note: I do not offer Placenta Encapsulation. I offer support to birthing people who are interested in honoring their placenta postpartum. If you choose to encapsulate your placenta, I can refer you to other people in our community or I can teach you how to do it yourself!

A note on the (lack of) science:

There are no double-blind peer-reviewed studies on the practice of consuming or otherwise using placenta, either in capsule or ‘raw’ form. There are thousands of anecdotal accounts of birthing people feeling deeply supported by and grateful for their choice to consume their placenta, citing benefits such as hormonal-balancing, mood elevation, increased lactation, and faster postpartum recovery. There are likewise countless anecdotes of birthing people who consumed their placenta, who felt as though the process offered no benefit, reported symptoms of nausea, or thought that prolonged ingestion of placenta in encapsulated form hindered their ongoing milk supply. As with much regarding womxn’s health and childbearing, our current science is very limited. In addition to the research, I value the stories and experiences of womxn and feel confident that womxn can make the choices that are right for them.
There has been one published account were placenta encapsulation was discussed, but not directly linked, to one infant’s contracting of GBS shortly after birth. > read the CDC report.


I believe birth support and education are a right and not a privilege.

small magic birth is dedicated to helping all people achieve better birth and postpartum outcomes. This service is open to birthing people of all family structures, races, and genders, including trans and non-binary folks. I want this information and care to be accessible. This is why placenta information and guidance are offered for free!