Prenatal Consultations

Childbirth education, individualized support, in the comfort of home!

You or a loved one is expecting a babe! You likely have questions or maybe you don’t know where to start…

  • Do I choose a midwife practice or an obstetrician? What’s the difference?
  • What’s the deal with homebirth?
  • What actually is an epidural?
  • As a POC, how do I advocate for myself and my baby in a predominately white health care system?
  • Is this (whatever it is ) 'normal'?

This is why prenatal consultations are awesome!

prenatal consult

What are the benefits of a private prenatal consultation?


We consult in the comfort of your own home, adapted to your own schedule


In our 3 hours together we cover topics specific to your family and your child’s birth. Topics include:

  • one-on-one childbirth education
  • private prenatal yoga
  • the role of a support person during pregnancy and birth
  • navigating the healthcare system
  • individualized physiological suggestions based on your unique body and pregnancy.
  • Have other ideas? Awesome!


We work together to create a ‘birth wishlist’ (as opposed to a birth plan, as births rarely go as planned).

Interested in more support?

I'd be honored to attend the birth of your babe!

As your birth attendant, I offer extended prenatal consults, support during labor and birth and immediate postpartum care.

$325* for a 3 hour session.

*I offer FREE prenatal consultations to young families. If you are a birthing parent age 21 and under, please reach out!


I believe birth support and education are a right and not a privilege.

small magic birth is dedicated to helping all people achieve better birth and postpartum outcomes. This service is open to birthing people of all family structures, races, and genders, including trans and non-binary folks. I want this information and care to be accessible. If this service is cost-prohibitive, please reach out and we'll work together to find a solution. If you are a birthing parent under the age of 21, I offer FREE prenatal consultations.