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We are all sitting in a circle. No one is closer than anyone else to the center of the circle. My role as a teacher is simply to place the teachings in the middle of the circle for all to access. 

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Studio and Private Yoga Teaching

Modern postural yoga is a trip! Here’s my take. I believe postural yoga should minimize pain in the body, include seated meditation, and provide an opportunity to practice being friendly. I’ve been known to say, that if our yoga isn’t supporting our ability to walk and be continent when we’re eighty years old, then we’re missing the point.

The postures are tools, not goals.

I can talk about hip alignment or deep breaths until I’m blue in the face. However, the moment you tune me out and start asking your own questions - that’s the moment we’re working towards. My humble hope is that my instruction supports my students into their own inquiry.

Are you considering yoga because...

  • You’re a student looking for a safe, physical practice.
  • You’re new to yoga and have some physical limitations and many classes seem inaccessible to you.
  • You’ve suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological shifts and people keep telling you to ‘do yoga’.
  • You’re a studio owner looking to add a seasoned teacher (10+ years) to your staff, who can offer something beyond ‘All Levels Vinyasa’.

I offer:

  • Classes that are accessible and useful to individuals with varied abilities
  • Classes for people who are alter-abled and/or have non-neuro-typical experiences
  • Classes for yoga teachers and other developed practitioners (in-depth focus on anatomy, pranayama, community, and pedagogy)
  • Weekly classes, in-depth workshops, ongoing series for your yoga studio community
  • Individual instruction taught in your home or in my home

My teaching style:

  • Strong, slow, anatomically aware, and aimed at developing functional movement patterns in the body
  • Combine meditation, contemplation, intention and community engagement alongside physical practice
  • Deeply grounded in the awareness of the Iyengar tradition
  • Strongly influenced by the ‘slow-flow’ and functional movement modalities of contemporary American yoga culture

These teachings - the postures, the sacred texts, their various interpretations, the communities that arise around their study - are borrowed. As a white woman facilitating yoga in the west, I strive to honor the teachings and the lineages from which they came, and I ask my students to do the same.

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private yoga instruction


Statistically, yoga classes are racially, socio-economically, geographically, and culturally exclusive. My ethical convictions (and the yogic teachings) fuel my commitment to equity and inclusion. I welcome suggestions and constructive criticism on how to make our community warmer and friendlier. Thank you for joining me in this essential, transformative practice.